Preventive efficiency of IVIgG on nosocomial infection in the children with nephrotic syndrome Chinese

Department of Pediatrics, Second Affiliated Hospital, Hunan Medical University, Changsha 410011.

Bulletin of Hunan Medical University. 1999;24((3):):290-2.
In order to study the preventive efficiency of IVIgG on nosocomial infection(NI), 54 cases of the children with nephrotic syndrome(NS) were randomly divided into 2 groups, test group(n = 22) and control group(n = 32). Routine treatment was adopted to all cases. Besides the routine treatment, the test group was injected with IVIgG(100-300 for 2-3 days. The results showed that the NI rate of test group (13.6%) was significantly lower than that of the control(46.88%) (P < 0.05), and the hospital days of the test group(27.33 +/- 15.51) d was significantly shorter than that of the control(64.50 +/- 18.52) d (P < 0.05). These suggest that IVIgG, as one of the ways to prevent NI, can improve the immune state and effectively prevent the NI in the children with NS.
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Language : Chinese
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