Randomized clinical controlled cross-over trial (RCT) in the prevention of blood transfusion febrile reactions with small dose hydrocortisone versus anti-histamines Chinese

Department of Internal Medicine, West China Medical University.

Chung-Hua Nei Ko Tsa Chih [Chinese Journal of Internal Medicine]. 1992;31((9):):536-8.
RCT was used in 73 patients who had experienced blood transfusion febrile reactions. For further two transfusions Benadryl was used before the first transfusion and hydrocortisone before the second in 36 patients. In the other group of 37 patients hydrocortisone was administered before the first the and Benadryl before the second transfusion. The effective rate of preventing transfusion febrile reactions with Benadryl (72.6%) was not significantly different from that with hydrocortisone (86.3%).
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Language : Chinese
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