Randomized prospective trial of saphenous vein harvest site infection after wound closure with and without topical application of autologous platelet-rich plasma

Menninger Foundation, Topeka, KS 66601.

European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery. 2011;39((1):):44-8.
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OBJECTIVE Wound infection is still a common problem after open long saphenous vein harvesting. Platelets are important for the healing process. The hypothesis was that spraying of the wounds with platelet-rich plasma might reduce the frequency of harvest site infections. METHODS From January to October 2008, 140 patients undergoing first-time coronary artery bypass grafting were randomized into two groups of 70 patients. Both groups had standard surgical leg wound closure and care except topical application of platelet-rich plasma as adjunctive treatment in the active treatment group. End points were wound infection and cosmetic result at 6 weeks. RESULTS The follow-up was 100% complete. Nine patients (13%) in the treatment group and eight (11%) in the control group experienced harvest site infection (p=0.80). The overall cosmetic result was also similar between the groups (p=0.34), but the top score was borderline and more frequent in the treatment group (p=0.050). CONCLUSION Topical application of autologous platelet-rich plasma on vein harvest wounds did not reduce the rate of surgical site infection.
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