[Effect of plateletpheresis on the white blood cell count: meta-analysis 1980-2018]

Microbiologo y Bioanalisista. MSc en Microbiologia y Bioanalisis. Grupo de investigacion Salud y Sostenibilidad, Escuela de Microbiologia de la Universidad de Antioquia. Banco de Sangre de la Universidad de Antioquia. Medellin. Colombia. Bacteriologa y Laboratorista Clinica. MSc en Microbiologia y Bioanalisis. Universidad de Antioquia. Hospital General de Medellin Luz Castro de Gutierrez. Medellin. Colombia. Microbiologo y Bioanalisista. MSc en Epidemiologia, MSc en Economia aplicada, PhD (C) en Salud Publica. Universidad de Antioquia. Medellin. Colombia.

Revista espanola de salud publica. 2019;93
BACKGROUND In the scientific literature, the impacts of plateletpheresis on leukogram parameters are not clear, with a high divergence in the studies that have evaluated changes in leukocytes. The objective of this paper was to meta-analyze the effect of plateletpheresis on the leukocyte count, based on studies published between 1980-2018. METHODS Systematic review with meta-analysis of random effects for the difference of means. The phases of the PRISMA guide were applied with 132 search strategies in Pubmed, Scielo, Science direct and Scopus. Reproducibility and evaluation of methodological quality were guaranteed. Heterogeneity was evaluated with Galbraith and Dersimonian and Laird's, publication bias with Funnel Plot and Begg; sensitivity analysis, accumulated meta-analysis and Forest Plot were carried out. RESULTS Nineteen studies were included with 2,358 donors, mostly from India, United States, Turkey, Germany and Austria. A mean difference of -0,80 x109L (IC95%= -1,96; 0,36x109L) between the predonation value and the value immediately after donation was founded; no publication bias was found and the conclusion presented good sensitivity since it does not vary with the elimination of studies in successive phases. CONCLUSIONS The donation of platelets by apheresis does not affect the leukocyte count in the donors, in the last century there were reports of reductions in this parameter, explained by the blood loss in the cases used for the procedure and by effects produced in the blood cells by the biomaterials; however, at present the high safety of plateletpheresis for the white blood cell count is evidenced.
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Study Design : Systematic Review
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Credits : Bibliographic data from MEDLINE®/PubMed®, a database of the U.S. National Library of Medicine