New Technique of Posterior Fixation of Tube With Fibrin Sealant Prevents Dysphagia in Patients Undergoing Sleeve Gastrectomy

University of Health Sciences, General Surgery, Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey.

The American surgeon. 2021;:3134821991989
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INTRODUCTION This study compared the effects of posterior fixation (PF) of the remnant tube with fibrin tissue glue to prevent sharp angulation and gastric twist and traditional techniques on postoperative dysphagia and vomiting. METHODOLOGY In total, 200 patients scheduled to undergo laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) as a bariatric surgical intervention were randomly classified into 2 groups (LSG + PF and LSG alone). We compared postoperative dysphagia symptoms among patients who underwent PF and those who did not. The Dysphagia Handicap Index (DHI) results were compared statistically among these groups. RESULTS The study included a total of 191 patients (85.9% (n = 164) women and 14.1% (n = 27) men) who underwent LSG for obesity. The groups were similar in terms of the patient demographics. The DHI scores of the LSG + PF group were statistically significantly lower than those of the LSG alone group. CONCLUSION Adoption of a standardized method of PF with a standardized surgical procedure after LSG considerably reduced the rate of surgical complications.
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