Effects of early mobilization on short-term blood pressure variability in acute intracerebral hemorrhage patients: A protocol for randomized controlled non-inferiority trial

Division of Physical Therapy, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Stroke Center & Department of Neurology. Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan.

Medicine. 2021;100(21):e26128
BACKGROUND Early out-of-bed mobilization may improve acute post-intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) outcomes, but hemodynamic instability may be a concern. Some recent studies have showed that an increase in mean systolic blood pressure (SBP) and high blood pressure variability (BPV), high standard deviation of SBP, may lead to negative ICH outcomes. Therefore, we investigated the impact of an early mobilization (EM) protocol on mean SBP and BPV during the acute phase. METHODS The study was an assessor-blinded, randomized controlled non-inferiority study. The participants were in An Early Mobilization for Acute Cerebral Hemorrhage trial and were randomly assigned to undergo EM or a standard early rehabilitation (SER) protocol within 24 to 72 hour after ICH onset at the stroke center. The EM and SER groups each had 30 patients. 24-measurement SBP were recorded on days 2 and 3 after onset, and SBP were recorded three times daily and during rehabilitation on days 4 through 7. The two groups' mean SBP and BPV under three different time frames (days 2 and 3 during the acute phase, and days 4 through 7 during the late acute phase) were calculated and compared. RESULTS At baseline, the two groups' results were similar, with the exception being that the mean time to first out-of-bed mobilization after symptom onset was 51.60 hours (SD 14.15) and 135.02 hours (SD 33.05) for the EM group and SER group, respectively (P < .001). There were no significant differences in mean SBP and BPV during the acute and late acute phase between the two groups for the three analyses (days 2, 3, and 4 through 7) (P > .05). CONCLUSIONS It is safe to implement the EM protocol within 24 to 72 hour of onset for mild-moderate ICH patients during the acute phase.
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