The Effect of Topical Tranexamic Acid on Intraoperative Blood Loss in Patients Undergoing Posterior Lumbar Laminectomy and Discectomy: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Controlled Trial Study

Trauma Research Center, Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran. Spine Center of Excellence, Yas Hospital, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran. Department of Neurosurgery, Shariati Hospital, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.

Asian spine journal. 2022
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STUDY DESIGN Randomized, double-blind, controlled trial study. PURPOSE This study aimed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of topical tranexamic acid (TXA) on intraoperative blood loss (IBL) in patients that have degenerative lumbar canal stenosis and undergo posterior lumbar laminectomy and discectomy. OVERVIEW OF LITERATURE The volume of IBL is directly proportional to potential surgical complications. Recent reports have shown that the topical use of antifibrinolytic drugs, such as TXA, during surgery might decrease IBL and improve patient outcomes. METHODS A total of 104 patients with lumbar canal stenosis were enrolled in this randomized, double blinded clinical trial. Participants were randomized and divided into two groups: TXA (54 cases) and control (50 cases). In the TXA group, a TXA solution was used for washing and soaking, whereas, in the control group, irrigation of wound was with normal saline. IBL, pre- and postoperative coagulative studies, operation time, conventional hemostatic agent usage, systemic complications, and length of hospitalization were consecutively recorded. All participants were followed for an additional two months to gather data on their recovery status and time to return to work (RTW). RESULTS At baseline, there was no difference in clinical or lab findings, between the groups. IBL and use of hemostatic agents were significantly decreased in TXA group, as compared to the control group (p=0.001 and p=0.011, respectively). Systemic complications, length of hospitalization, and RTW were not significantly different between groups (p=0.47, p=0.38, and p=0.08, respectively). CONCLUSIONS This study showed that topical use of TXA during surgery may decrease IBL and minimize the use of hemostatic materials during posterior midline-approach laminectomy and discectomy, without increasing the potential for complications seen with intravenous TXA usage.
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