Efficacy and Safety of Combined Deferiprone and Deferasirox in Iron-Overloaded Patients: A Systematic Review

Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Levien Cancer Institute, Atrium Health, Charlotte, USA. Department of Hematologic Malignancies and Blood Disorders, Levine Cancer Institute, Charlotte, USA. Department of Internal Medicine, Wake Forest School of Medicine, Charlotte, USA. Department of Medical Informatics, University of East London, London, GBR. Department of Internal Medicine, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, EGY.

Cureus. 2023;15(11):e48276
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Despite the established efficacy of iron chelation therapy in transfusion-induced iron-overloaded patients, there is no universal agreement regarding the choice of an optimal chelating regimen. Deferasirox (DFX) and deferiprone (DFP) are two oral iron chelators, and combination usage demonstrated effectiveness as an alternative to monotherapies in patients with a limited response to monotherapy. The present systematic review aimed to assess the evidence regarding the outcomes of combined DFP and DFX in iron-overloaded patients. An online search was conducted in PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science, and CENTRAL databases. Interventional and observational studies that assessed the outcomes of combined DFP and DFX in iron-overloaded patients were included. Eleven studies (12 reports) were considered in this meta-analysis. The studies included dual iron chelation strategies for a number of diagnoses. Single-arm studies (n =7) showed a reduction of serum ferritin, which reached the level of statistical significance in three studies. Likewise, most studies reported a numerical reduction in liver iron concentration (LIC) and increased cardiac MRI-T2* values after chelating therapy. Alternatively, comparative studies showed no significant difference in post-treatment serum ferritin between DFX plus DFP and DFX/DFP plus deferoxamine (DFO). The adherence to combination therapy was good to average in nearly 66.7-100% of the patients across four studies. One study reported a poor adherence rate. The combined regimen was generally tolerable, with no reported incidence of serious adverse events among the included studies. In conclusion, the DFP and DFX combination is a safe and feasible option for iron overload patients with a limited response to monotherapy.
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Study Design : Systematic Review
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