Effect of hydroxyethyl starch HES 450/0.7 and 5% human albumin on the colloid osmotic pressure and hemodynamic parameters in hypovolemic patients after major abdominal procedures . German

Infusionstherapie und Klinische Ernahrung. 1981;8((3):):147-52.

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In a randomized study 20 patients with hypovolemia following abdominal surgery for malignoma were treated with 500 ml HES 450/0.7 or human albumin 5% during the first 24 h after operation. COP and various blood- and hemodynamic parameters were measured immediately before and after infusion as well as 2, 4 and 6 h after infusion. After HES-infusion COP increased from 20.2 to about 22 mmHg and remained at a significantly higher level (p less than 0.01) for 6 h. After albumin-infusion COP increased from 19.7 to 20.7 mmHg, but already returned to starting level within 2 h. CVP in the HES-group increased from 2.8 to 6.3 cmH2O after infusion, and then gradually dropped to 4 cmH2O during 6 h. In the albumin-group CVP increased from the same starting level only to 4.2 cmH2O, and then dropped back to 3.2 cmH2O after 6 h (no significant difference to the starting level). The other blood- and hemodynamic parameters measured showed no significant differences between the two groups. The results show that a quick and reliable improvement of hypovolemia can be obtained in both groups immediately after infusion, but that the COP- and volume-stabilizing effects of HES-infusion are more distinct and remained for a significantly longer period of time than the effects of albumin 5%-infusion.
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