Use of an antifibrinolytic agent (tranexamic acid) and lateral sutures with laser conization of the cervix

Obstetrics & Gynecology. 1984;64((4):):573-6.
One hundred forty patients who underwent laser conization and 220 patients who underwent laser miniconizations were prospectively randomized into two study groups. One treatment group was given antifibrinolytic therapy in the form of tranexamic acid (Cyklokapron, KabiVitrum, Sweden) intraoperatively and for 14 days postoperatively. The other group did not receive antifibrinolytic therapy. In the group of 68 patients with laser conizations who were given antifibrinolytic therapy, no postoperative hemorrhages occurred, whereas there were eight such hemorrhages in 72 conizations (11%) in the untreated patients. This difference is statistically significant (P = .004, Fisher exact test for two proportions). Also, for laser miniconization, the frequency of postoperative hemorrhage was almost halved, from 9.1% in 110 patients not receiving antifibrinolytic therapy to 5.5% in the 110 treated patients. The use of lateral cervical sutures did not reduce the frequency of postoperative hemorrhage at laser conization in the present study.
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