A randomized controlled pilot trial of video-modelling versus telementoring for improved hemorrhage control wound packing

Am J Surg. 2022 Aug;224(2):769-774 doi: 10.1016/j.amjsurg.2022.02.039.

Exsanguination is the most preventable cause of death. Paradigms such as STOP THE BLEED recognize increased responsibility among the less experienced with Wound Packing (WP) being a critical skill. As even trained providers may perform poorly, we compared Video-modelling (VM), a form of behavioural modelling involving video demonstration prior to intervention against remote telementoring (RTM) involving remote real-time expert-guidance.


Search and Rescue (SAR-Techs), trained in WP were asked to pack a wound on a standardized simulator randomized to RMT, VM, or control.


24 SAR-Techs (median age 37, median 16.5 years experience) participated. Controls were consistently faster than RTM (p = 0.005) and VM (p = 0.000), with no difference between RTM and VM. However, 50% (n = 4) Controls failed to pack properly, compared to 100% success in both VM and RTM, despite all SAR-Techs feeling the task was "easy".


Performance of a life-saving technique was improved through either VM or RTM, suggesting that both techniques are beneficial and complementary to each other. Further work should be extended to law enforcement/lay public to examine logistical challenges.

KEYWORDS: Hemorrhage control; Prehospital resuscitation; Telemedicine; Telementoring; Vide-modeling; Wound packing
MESH HEADINGS: Adult; Bandages; Hemorrhage; Humans; Pilot Projects; Telemedicine
Study Details
Study Design: Randomised Controlled Trial
Language: eng
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